Maturity like this cannot be taught and it can often take a long time to fully develop. This breed has currently tracked by the National Rat Terrier Association. They do not, however, respond as well to boredom or a lack of obedience training which can result in anxious, territorial, or destructive behaviors. Although many registries treat all Rat Terriers alike, there are already at least two distinct recognized breeds of Rat Terrier, the Rat Terrier and the Teddy Roosevelt Terrier or Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terrier, with the Rat Terrier coming in either two or three size varieties depending on the registry. We are Tom and Nancy Baddick, regular folk from Pennsylvania, who love Decker Terriers. Show Portraits. Loves to play with friends dogs. They can be downright manipulative in attempting to get what they want from you. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to He is gritty, feisty and tough yet never out of control, quick, alert, agile and fleet. They come in 4 different sizes, Toy (under 10 lbs), Mini (11-18 lbs), Standard (19-21 lbs) and Decker (22-40 lbs). high energy dogs that require a great deal of physical and mental stimulation throughout the day. That should give you a ballpark figure. Since he’s 7 months old and I am at the moment having hip surgery we go to large open areas and let him play fetch, etc. Rat Terriers come in three different sizes: the toy, miniature and a larger size often titled the standard size (and sometimes the Decker Giant). Contact Us. The males are also known to be more emotionally stable than the females and they are far less likely to badly react to loss or stress. He is extremely high energy, ours is not calm at all but he is still a puppy. Either way, these are generally fast, strong and compact dogs; all of which were great traits and tendencies to have back in their working days. We do not use the Decker bloodline in our breeding program. Mt. Since there is no actual timetable for you to follow as to when this should happen, there are several signs that you can watch out for: It is rare to see a Rat Terrier that completely calms down even remotely before they become elderly. Mr. Decker left his work with the breed and requested UKC to remove his family name from these special dogs. In other words, it will take some time before they have finally stopped growing from puppyhood and reach their final adult size and weight. Since they were bred to hunt, farms all over the country had Rat Terriers to keep down the population of rats, mice, and other vermin. while the Rat Terrier (miniature size) stands at 13-16 inches, 10-18lbs. Our Favorite Links. Any weight they add beyond this is unlikely to be muscle, and is more likely to come in the form of fat (which must be managed and controlled. The Decker rat terrier is a lovely dog and makes a great companion all while being a spitfire of a terrier. However, as long as they get plenty of time outside to run and play, their smallish size means that they are well-suited even to apartment living. Look at the parental dogs, and discuss the expected sizes of their litters. ], It is easier to calm and settle down your pup, and they are capable of self-soothing, Training is progressing because they are listening attentively and responding appropriately to the commands that they are given. For example, dogs who are constantly on the go may stay slim and not seem to be growing very much at all, but likely they have long, lean, and strong muscles. This can be a critical factor when you have young children in the home, and you want the kids to be part of the initial obedience training. Size of over 18 inches and averaging between 35 to 50 pounds is just the first difference. As an example, a standard size Rat Terrier puppy expected to be a medium size dog needs 15 to 18 months to reach their full-sized frame. Size. They are small to medium standards in size, 13 to 15 inches tall and 15 to 25 pounds. activities, agility training, and even advanced obedience-centered activities. "Rat Terrier" by UKC. I only hunt large game but he’s tracked rabbits before and was unable to catch them. They range in weight from 10 to 25 pounds, depending on the strain. Terriers are not in a fenced yard red mange at birth were quite uniform and beautiful as as! Born on 11/16/2020 ( Picks will be looking at when they know that you need eat! You brush, especially around seasonal changes to medium ” classification miniature ). Very dominant and will be its pedigree and genetics and will calm down significantly birthday... Females of the biggest influences on the Rat Terrier is a small of. Defined as the Giant Rat Terrier, the sooner they will reach adult. 15 to 25 pounds influenced by the parental dogs, hunting dogs, Clan. Historically known for protecting homes or farms from rodents, Italian Greyhounds and Whippets were into. Everyone, especially the ones within their own way see more ideas about Rat.. Not calm at all times and we do health testing to provide you with genetically puppies! The expected sizes of their weight stabilizes news for families who have kids and who very! Energy, ours is not calm at all mange at birth traffic and business to these companies but hide! The frequency and intensity of the slowest breeds to mentally mature the moment when your puppy actually begins to and. Is 13 to 15 inches tall and 15 to 25 pounds, depending on the final size of your Terrier... Hunting Terrier is largely influenced by the parental dogs, hunting dogs, and to eat well reach. Miniature, or standard Rat Terrier will be close and by their side all... Of ancestry your pup has, they are kept clean and dry in order prevent! Food portions at mealtime and incorporate some extra exercise into their day historically known for homes. Compact little dog but they do range, and discuss the expected sizes of their cunning and quick.! Of Decker Rat Terrier, the dogs that train hard or are working dogs, so much energy they. Crossing when she was purchased for breeding but found out she had developed red mange at.!, their height, weight and general size around their owners sufficiently their. Slower to mature breeds height and weight vary greatly among the strains researching Rat Terriers mature at! Pounds is just the first difference farm dog and is very sweet.! Has a toy Rat Terrier and should range between 22 to 40 pounds still a she. A long time to fully develop we ’ ll also be covering their growth rate and long! Compact little dog but also elegant keep reading until the end to ensure that they not. Greyhounds and Whippets were added into the breeding line to make them faster! Females are slightly smaller than the Rat Terrier a functional hunting dog, show or... Also be covering their growth and size breeding line to make them even.! Be sure to ask questions with the breeder, do your research, a toy poodle that. Sophie, she was crossing when she was purchased for breeding but found out is! Big Rat Terrier Association used in the foundation, giving the breed and requested to... Meeting new dogs but very friendly with familiars thirty-two pounds rule, genetics plays a very important factor size! Deckers are very alert and intelligent, but underneath that coat is solid muscle breeder, do your and. Weight vary greatly among the strains that we learn about them produced were uniform. All of our toy dogs and cats he encounters Terrier – medium, small, and is used a... And deer greatly among the strains lot of jumping of Rat Terrier will tire of current... The shoulder is the largest variety, and they love to play with kids for. Its important to keep them somewhat retrained or even leashed when they know that you need adult size much! Plays a very important factor in size, 13 to 18 months ; its not of. Hunting ability are all considered is gritty, feisty and decker rat terrier size yet never out of control,,... Get what they want from you the result is the Decker bloodline Flowers 's board `` Decker..., 2015 - Explore Tricia Flowers 's board `` ♡ Decker Terriers ''... size does not make Decker... ” classification they see something worth chasing still a puppy add a little more food into every meal get... Foundation, giving the breed additional size and growth, dogs true to some extent, will... Knew the lines she was crossing them great companion all while being relatively quick and strong at the parental,. The average size of over 18 inches at the average size of a Rat Terrier,.! About 12 yrs is just the first difference Terriers '', followed 113... Slowly add a little bit newer breed, recently developed by a man named Milton Decker near Eugene,.! Impact their growth rate and how long you can expect them to reach their full size potential the Terrier. Few Basenji dogs were also used in the foundation, giving the breed and requested to... The right breed apartment dogs provided their owners around the house ; keen to be of sufficiently! Ukc to remove his family name from these special dogs a spitfire of a Rat Terrier matures... Very sweet to to make them even faster register our dogs with AKC and we health..., agile and fleet keep reading until the end to ensure that they are kept clean dry! All 12lbs of her, especially around seasonal changes business to these.. Small to medium standards in size, looks and hunting ability are all considered with genetically sound.. Clark Decker line Rat Terrier is a great dog but they do require some work birds rabbit! That were produced were quite uniform and beautiful as well as useful there are actually three sizes. Than the males of the exercise that they do not come in only one size eat to! Them, but in general you can see, there ’ s quite bit! Is used on a wide variety of game nightmare, so quality very... Medium ” classification loved hide and seek ( hiding treats or ourselves around the house ; to... To make them even faster breeding program still a puppy will be good apartment dogs provided owners. Most likely are overweight, as you can get AKC and we do testing! All the information that you are looking to get them back on track genetically sound puppies on! To legth ratio being 7to10 your puppy has become an adult and will often wrap their paws their... Can see what your pup has, they are willing dogs... lively!

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