I was on the other side of “Self Control,” living a blonded life. Wishing he was there for the haircut—one of the first signs of change when a relationship goes south—and hoping he could level with this ex to summon the idea of Frank as remorseful. The pair also worked together to produce the track. Something about boyfriends and wet dreams, and Frank Ocean’s immaculate pen, hit the heart from the jump. If you pair the outro with the hook, you get the real depth of “Self Control,” how badly Frank wants to be remembered, considered, and loved, despite the impossible timing and the impossibility of the romance. Bound to happen and tragic nonetheless. Stream Frank Ocean - Self Control by Hecktoar from desktop or your mobile device. Frank Ocean’s ‘Chanel’ is the most important song in the world right now. Published April 14, 2020. The scene was crisp and perfect. All Rights Reserved. © 2021 The DJ Booth LLC. If we’re not careful, it feels like we could spend entire days pining after what was. There are 17 tracks on Blonde, but we will be consolidating skits and shorter tracks with other song discussions. It is the third track on Ocean’s second studio album Blonde (which is also entitled blond). Buy Now Learn More. Other (External) Links Paying special attention to “It’s no thing, it’s nothing,” we get the sense Frank is comfortable being a passing thought in his ex’s mind, just as long as he is a thought at some point. Of course, that means this outro makes me cry—what doesn’t? Because it just could not work out. Then, finally, finally, Frank reveals the reason the relationship fell through. Then, Frank takes us back in time with the first proper verse: “I’ll be the boyfriend in your wet dreams tonight / Noses on a rail, little virgin wears the white / You cut your hair but you used to live a blonded life / Wish I was there, wish we’d grown up on the same advice / And our time was right.”. Frank Ocean once hinted he’d write a novel.The personal narrative Christopher Breaux has composed around his art—the deeply moving coming-out letter on … That’s his magic. “Good Guy” presents a Frank Ocean bereft of peace. Frank makes as … So the title of this track is based on their mutual ideology of “self control”. I sang along to the remaining hook, bridge, and the somber outro. “Every night fucks every day up / Every day patches the night up.”. It all coalesces to suggest the lover of “Self Control” slipped away before he could ever settle fully in Frank’s heart. Somehow they lost each other and he's numbing the pain of not being able to see her anymore. When we left my buddy’s house, I played the rest of “Self Control” for my girlfriend. Super Rich Kids. There is so much to miss in this life. Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe. His fine detailing and how he manages to make the incredibly specific broad enough for someone like myself to fall into his world and experience it as my own is inspiring. “Futura Free,” the final song on Frank Ocean’s masterpiece ‘Blonde,’ feels like a grand unveiling. I paused the music, repeated the lines slowly back to my girlfriend at a red light that seemed to go on forever. Ocean and André 3000 worked together … These lines, pulling back for a second, are what makes Frank such a force. Blonde (alternatively titled blond) is the second studio album by American singer Frank Ocean.It was released on August 20, 2016, as a timed exclusive on the iTunes Store and Apple Music, and followed the August 19 release of Ocean's video album Endless.In 2013, Ocean confirmed that his follow up to Channel Orange would be another concept album. Unit IDs / Callsigns 5. SoundCloud Frank Ocean - Self Control by Hecktoar published on 2017-07-21T22:04 ... yo, i just remixed this song on my page and it would mean a lot if yall could check it … He can't control himself around the person and wants to be with them, even though they are also involved with someone … ), highly anticipated, and long awaited album Blonde.Still seems surreal we are able to discuss Frank's new album, but here we are! Frank Ocean - Self Control℗ Boys Don't CryReleased August 20, 2016 Singing—damn near chanting—“I, I, I know you gotta leave, leave, leave/ Take down some summertime / Give us, just tonight, night, night” to spark the outro, Frank takes the poolside scene from innocuous catch-up with a twinge of sorrow to full-blown despair. Ain't It Funny. “Self Control” thrives off implication. As the waves crash in, we get to the heartbreaking hook I mentioned earlier. It is a cover of the Frank Ocean song of the same name. How we infer Frank is no one’s boyfriend, how he cannot shake their first memories of doing coke together, how coke stands in for the rush of new love, how the timing could not have been worse. An upbeat Spaceman Patterson guitar riff opens the song along Ocean’s soothing angelic voice, before easing into a smooth drum beat. I feel like this song is about how Frank Ocean perceives this women that he met a Coachella that does porn to pay for her. She watched me with heavy eyes. Part One: A Pleasant Intro. ‘Be Yourself’ This short skit – similar to ‘Channel Orange’s ‘Not Just Money‘ – sees Frank’s mother … Suggestions. Except it was the fall-turning-winter, and we had made it through the summer together. On “Self Control,” both genres of folx come together to cry about their past. The vocals of the renowned American singer Beyoncé is featured on this track. His pitched vocal wavers as if he is nervous asking to make it one last time with an old lover, the subject of all of “Self Control.”, As we witness Frank catching up with a man from his past life, we ease into the narrative. Pyramids. Nights. Frank makes as much clear from the opening lines about poolside conversations. While there’s no clear answer on the song, we can infer based on Frank admitting to losing his self-control on the following lines. It feels, taken in a present context, as if Frank is making a bid to relive old memories. We get the sense Frank is comfortable being kept on the sidelines, as long as he is kept at all. Solo will be the 4th song discussed in our new series where we will be discussing each individual song off of Frank Ocean's new(!! The lyrics of Frank Ocean’s “Self Control” see him addressing an ex. There are no worries; they’ll be fine. “Self Control,” produced by Malay, Jon Brion, and Frank Ocean, is all about timing and the losses which come by way of poor timing in love. Night had fallen. The ability to not do or say the first thing… Of course, we can imagine Frank playing it cool and trying to brush off his pleas as “no thing,” but the weight of the image is just so heavy, it’s hard to imagine Frank taking back his sentiment. Not only is self control my favorite song on Frank Ocean's album "Blonde", but it is a very important skill to have. Ivy. Lyrics to 'Self Control' by Frank Ocean: Pool side convo about your summer last night, oh yeah About your summer last night Ain't give you no play, mmm Could I make it shine last night Could I make it shine, on it last night, last night In my opinion, self control is a sign of maturity. So, when Frank sings about a lover leaving to “Take down some summertime,” begging for only one more night, I can’t shake the feeling he’s writing about my life. That is to say that considering these two individuals have apparently moved on from their romance, their goal is to refrain from … by Danny Brown. Self Control will be the 6th song discussed in our new series where we will be discussing each individual song off of Frank Ocean's new(!! During this section, Frank sings about a relationship that was once alive and now seemingly dying out. Up Next From Culture. How to use self-control in a sentence. Self-control definition is - restraint exercised over one's own impulses, emotions, or desires. Alright. By the second verse, Frank has begun speaking for—not exactly his former lover—an enigmatic you. A bit about me: I seem to always get dumped in August because the timing just wasn’t right for us. It feels like the moment of clarity after bad news breaks when you come to terms with the tragedy and realize everything will eventually fall into place. That is, we can gather their relationship was something of a firecracker—too much passion too quickly, and then nothing, kaput. He’s trying to be coy and flit around the hurt, but there’s no two ways around it—this situation fucking sucks. Ocean’s moonlit new work is fluid and brilliantly straightforward. There’s a desperation here, the same desperation marking all of Blonde. Service Codes, e.g., “Code 10” 2. Was Frank’s partner merely scared of commitment? He says some dance to remember and some dance to forget. The timing was all wrong, and then someone new came ‘round, and Frank’s partner had little choice but to pursue the better choice: “I, I, I know you got someone comin’ / You’re spittin’ game, know you got it.”. Everything boils down to the final line of the first verse, where Frank lambasts timing with a timid delivery. Original material is licensed under a Creative Commons License permitting non-commercial sharing with attribution. We don’t expect “Self Control” to turn on us, but Frank is an otherworldly songwriter. There you find yourself grooving with the simplicity of the track. “Within Frank’s fresh hell, he finds his heaven.”. Pink and White. [Frank Ocean] Now and then you miss it, sounds make you cry Some nights you dance with tears in your eyes I came to visit, 'cause you see me like a UFO That's like never, 'cause I made you use your self-control And you made me lose my self-control, my self-control [Austin Feinstein & Yung Lean] Keep a place for me, for me I speak so obtusely because, four years on, it’s still hard for me to wrap my mind around what “Nikes” means to me. “I came to visit, ‘cause you see me like a UFO / That’s like never, ‘cause I made you use your self control / And you made me lose my self control, my self control.” –Frank Ocean, Finally, after another shift in perspective, we arrive at the “self control” motif. Self Control by Frank Ocean. We’re treated to more backstory here, as Frank reveals the pair grew apart for lack of time together. Frank also reveals their growing apart was circumstantial since his lover had to exercise restraint to keep himself away from Frank. Frank Ocean - "Novacane" (from Nostalgia, Ultra, 2011) Ocean’s evolved as a lyricist, but it’s no diss to name a debut mixtape track his best-to-date because, well, he’s always been fire.

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